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    Joel Crabtree

    I have been contacted bu a person who bid on a gun I have for sale.  He didn't understand that the rifle was a single shot rifle and wants to withdraw his bid.  I agree that he should be allowed to withdraw his bid.  The gun in question is auction number 807975300.  Can you take care of this request for me?  Joel Crabtree, Mendon, Mi. 

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    David Morse

    Dear Gun Broker, I have some concerns about some of the items you allow to be listed for sale. You say your for Hunters and collectors yet some of the items I see for sale are class lll . Most hunters and collectors do not have a class three license so in this case you put people at risk of getting into serious trouble. You say it's up to the people to check the laws but you actually promote this unlawful environment. Why ? You could have a sight just for class three items and people. I am disappointed with gun broker.

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    Frank Zawaske

    When I put my user name and email address that I have had on GunBroker for years it shows that it is already used and choose another.

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